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Canadian Mortgage Rates
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Prime Rate 3.00%
Conv. mtg, 5 Year YES*  - 
6 Month Closed YES*  - 
6 Month Open YES*  - 
1 Year Closed YES*  - 
1 Year Open YES*  - 
2 Year Closed YES*  - 
3 Year Closed YES*  - 
4 Year Closed YES*  - 
5 Year Closed YES*  - 
7 Year Closed YES*  - 
10 Year Closed YES*  - 
*Offers from participating lenders.
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The sub prime mortgage crisis of 2007-2008 made it hard for consumers to get a home loan with credit scores other than good or excellent. To see options available, run your loan scenario here. Get free quote and advice with no obligations!
What we do is here to help mortage shoppers to choose from a variety of loan products available today. We are proud to deliver the best offers from more than 500 lenders and brokers in our network.
Great site and quote system was very useful. I got the response I needed asap.
- Peter, BC
I received three offers and chose the right agent for me - they closed my second home loan in 2 weeks.
- Adaline
"Rates and costs of my mortgage are much lower than expected. I highly recommend..."
- Michael F., Toronto
"I got amazing terms on my mortgage! Thank you so much!"
- Stephany J. ON
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PO Box 29040
RPO Okanagan Mission
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